Month of Code 11 – ASCII

I’m going off-canvas today! Today’s entry is an ASCII background generator. It’s really quite straightforward. The background is really just a div. The background color of the div and the font color are similar to create a cohesive feel. The div is then filled with random characters from the ASCII set, codes 33-255 (uses the extended ASCII table). Over top of that, a slight blur is applied so the user can’t immediately distinguish the characters.

I think it turned out pretty well! You can even try resizing it – the background will respond, giving almost a static-like effect. The concept is actually pretty simple and significantly lighter weight than a full-screen image, but provides a similar effect. Additionally, it would be pretty simple to change colors and character sets, and I’ve even considered subtle patterns as well, but didn’t really have time for it today. Look for this in the future.

EDIT: Added a few color variations and two additional basic patterns!

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